Loss of Connectivity in MK Netzdienste FRA2

Degraded performance
Started about 1 month ago Lasted about 4 hours


Cloud Portal
Virtualization Cluster Frankfurt
  • Resolved

    This incident has been resolved. Ever since May 14th 17:00 (Berlin time), all connectivity has been restored.

    Post mortem is to follow.

  • Monitoring

    The first of our fibre paths connecting our infrastructure in Frankfurt has been restored, connectivity is performing as normal now. We continue to watch the situation as it evolves.

  • Monitoring

    We have implemented a fix by routing traffic over an alternative link and backhauling internet connectivity from our PoP in Meppel, NL. We are currently closely monitoring the situation.

  • Identified

    We are experiencing connectivity issues due to a power outage at InterXion FRA2. This affects multiple providers connected to our FRA2 presence, both locally and through transport.
    Our team is working closely with suppliers to restore service as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your patience.